Remember when I used to post in a timely manner? Haaaa, memories. Really, to the nearly 80,000 regular readers out there, I apologize for taking a month off; I had to go wash my hair. All right, let’s see if I still know how to do this.

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Nope, let’s try again.

You read the title correctly. On an average day, love doesn’t really belong in the Trivia folder of life’s filing cabinet, but I want you to think about it differently while I’ve got this light grasp on your miserably short attention span. First of all, I don’t care what love means to you. You could view it as a reusable coupon into a lady’s passion canal. Maybe to you, love is believing in the same god(s). It could mean having someone 100% loyal to your desires (emotional slavery). And what about the assmunches who quantify love with gifts? That’s fine, too. For every single one of you, love is trivial.

Sure, love is subjective to the lover, but we can probz come to the same conclusion that love represents some type of deep, exclusive connection between human beings (I don’t know/care if guinea pigs are capable of loving one another). So if you validate your feelings with superficialities like diamonds, boobs, cash, social status, shoes, paying for dinner, orgasms, or having the same favorite things, there’s not very much hope for you. In fact, save yourself some trouble by averting your gaze from the rest of this post, checking out Kim Kardashian’s Twitter account, and reading all of the reasons why substantiating love with any of those things is a shitty choice. “I got what you need what what you need”. Really, Kim? Do you?

No, you have to be a love proctologist and reeeeally peer into your heart’s b-hole to get anything out of this idea. Let’s rattle off some “real” reasons why one might love another. You might have the same goals or ambitions. There very well could be a religious, political, or philosophical connection that bonds you to someone. His/her personality might bring out your best version of your own personality. Someone’s discipline might help keep you on the right path. There might be a void filled after the loss of another. All of these sound legitimate, but guess what? You can blanket them all under the same idea: self-validation.

Sigh… it’s probably sad to think about it this way, but isn’t it kind of burden-removing to be realistic? Especially in a society that LITERALLY OVER-DRAMATIZES EEEEVVVVVEEEEERRRRYYYYYTTTTTHHHHHIIIIINNNNGGGG. But we’re all searching for validation because it gives us a better idea of where we stand amongst our peers. Having an exclusive relationship with an important person (for whatever reason) elevates your status; it’s one of many benefits of a relationship that can be traced back to survival instincts. Here’s my point: if you require another person’s exclusivity and loyalty to feel good about your social standing, then YOU are trivial. We call that a “parasite” in the biz.

“Gee whiz, that was mean. Why do you hate love so much? And what’s the point of it?” -you, I’d guess. Well, what about this? If you can wade past the endless marsh of superficial bullshit spewing from American television, and if you can find validation from within, rather than using another person’s heart to feel cool, then I think you’ve figured it out. Have I? Not even close, pilgrim. But guess what? There are a lot of people out there who know how to avoid those aforementioned negatives. I think that, when you understand that love as we know it is trivial, you open yourself up to the idea that *actual* love comes from a deep-seated need to be selfless. Get the hell out of Zales for a minute and try it out.

What gives? A post that was more than 10% serious? I know, I know. But fear not, young reader. Poop/boner jokes are on the horizon.

Thus, the pursuit of trivia continues.


10 comments on “Love

  1. hanzattitude says:

    I’ve been searching for the past few months for just one person to think the same way about love as I currently do…I recently decided that all the ‘superficial, media/traditional’ love stuff is utter bull and I agree that all it does is helps a person feel better about themselves.

    Im my mind; better to be 100% strong in your thoughts and opinions, confident and comfortable within youself, that if a partner takes your fancy – they add to your happiness not create it!

    So grateful to know someone else thinks along the same lines. Great read….thank you :0)

    • hummeljt says:

      Yes! I totally agree, especially regarding a partner adding to your happiness, rather than creating it. It sounds selfish, but love yourself first. If you can’t do that, then no one else can. Thank you for reading and sharing!

  2. hanzattitude says:

    Reblogged this on hanandherattitude and commented:
    An interesting insight to love……
    ….enjoy xOx

  3. I agree with some aspects of your posts, whilst on the other hand I do not. Oh gosh you’ve made me have an internal mind argument with myself. This will probably go on for days now. Ha, well, whilst I agree with the fundamental idea that you should find someone who adds to your happiness rather than create it, I am probably what you would class as the ‘parasite’ the one that believes in the superficial American television bullshit. Or a romanticist as I like to kid myself into believing. I like the idea of waking up next to my partner (be it man or woman) and feel safe, warm and loved, and hopefully when they wake up, they feel the same way about me too. Does this make me naive? I wonder…

    • hummeljt says:

      I think Valentine’s Day is a good example to look at. Chocolate, flowers, and diamonds have absolutely nothing to do with the actual Saint Valentine. It’s all a commercial scheme to get you to buy things. Cashing in on love seems a little sketchy, no? I guess that’s the point I’m trying to make. If diamonds are the best way to show your guy/gal you care, then go for it. But as long as your true feelings consider and reflect the internal sentiments of both you and your partner, you can express it any way you like. I like to feel safe and loved, too! I mean… *ahem*… I like skulls and killing things. Hmph.

      • luna1563 says:

        I completely agree. I detest Valentine’s Day. I literally don’t know what to for it, I don’t ‘need’ a day to tell my boyfriend I love him. And he’ll get me chcolates, or flowers, but what do I get him? Hmm, the next CD or game he wants. While I get perishables. We’re going to the cinema to watch Die Hard 5 on Valentine’s Day. Fuuu St. Commercialism!

      • Haha! Hm, fair point to consider, although most things, whether we like it or not are commercialised. Christmas, Easter, not saying I’m condoning it, but the economy has got to go round somehow. I agree with cashing in on love is a bit tasteless, I would rather have something inexpensive but thoughtful than a diamond ring that meant nothing (they should know I like gold dammit!) but clearly guilt tripping people into getting other people materialistic shit works. I kid, I just like to play devil’s advocate because arguing ahem, discussing things with you is jolly good fun.

        So in that sense, I like Valentine’s Day, best commercialised day of them all. All the guilt tripping of Christmas, but without the day off. And it’s ok, you can show your sentiments to your loved one by killing someone (not the loved one in mind hopefully) and giving them the skull as an appreciative gift. Y’know. Like a cat.

  4. lol… great post, the fun I could have with this…

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